The AXEL Exchange brings ultimate data custody by allowing users to list, manage, distribute, and sell digital and goods/services all in one place without the restrictions and data mining involved with other online exchanges.
We want to create a better place for people to sell – not just a better way for them to do it. That’s why we are creating the AXEL Exchange, a true peer-to-peer e-commerce platform that will feature a vibrant community of buyers and sellers. With billions of people already buying and selling online, and another billion set to be added to the digital economy by 2020, AXEL Exchange will be a key facilitator in the commerce of digital products and services. This will provide the opportunity for anyone with an Internet connection to sell their content without current costs or restrictions.
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Using AXEL’s Advanced Exchange Tools Gives Content Owners Complete Control Over Their Products.

The AXEL Exchange is building upon the need for people to monetize their content without third-party interference and enabling users to buy, sell, trade, and move content with confidence on a distributed network. The exchange will provide ease and simplicity with search and discovery of available content and files on the market.

Sell Anything in Seconds, Easily

Imagine clicking on any file on your computer, selecting options, and having it searchable and buyable on a global exchange in seconds. A blog post you wrote, a video you shot, a photo you took. Easy.

Startup Is Free

Selling online today is expensive. Starting with AXEL will be free. No storefront fees: anyone can instantly start selling without spending a dime. Transaction fees will be small and transparent.

No “Hostage Situations”

Our system completely rewrites the rules on how online transactions work. Both parties get what they want at the exact same time, guaranteed by the technology itself. No chasing up payments.

Global Decentralized Selling

A decentralized exchange means users keep and own their content. Patented technology ensures everything is directly from device to device. No arbitrary censorship or regulations.

Control Access with Advanced Encryption

Distribute files with confidence knowing only those who purchased the digital content can unlock the content with advanced encryption/decryption available to all listings.

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) Distribution

The AXEL Exchange is the first exchange to integrate the power of IPFS directly.  Using the AXEL-IPFS Pinning Facility, users can upload, manage and directly submit Digital Content for sale to AXEL.Exchange.

And This Is Just The Beginning.

AXEL Global Decentralized Network
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